Local Brothers

Jason Ackerman
Hi, my name is Jason and I am a second-year Computer Engineer from Houghton, MI. I have been a part of the choir and Pep Band here at Michigan Tech. I tend to spend a lot of my time playing video games but also really enjoy skiing, YouTube, and broomball.
Katie Adair
Hello! I am a third year environmental engineering major! I love doing anything outside and exploring the Keweenaw, my favorite place I've hiked up here has been Isle Royale. I'm also very involved in local politics and currently work for a congressional campaign which is one of the most interesting jobs I've ever had.
Rabecca Bakker
Hi! My name is Rabecca and I am a second year engineering major. I play flute and piano and I love being outside, particularly in the snow. In my free time I like to watch movies and hangout with friends.
Connor Bloomfield
Hello, my name is Connor Bloomfield, a fourth year Sound Design major. At Tech, I have played Trombone and Soprano Trombone in the Pep Band, but also play guitar, bass guitar, contra-alto clarinet, and other low brass instruments. In my spare time, I enjoy playing said instruments, as well as listening to music, playing video games, hanging with brothers, and doing other random things. I also have some other impressive skills such as holding my breath for more than 30 seconds at a time, and being surprisingly bad at athletics.
Grace Chandler
Hi! I'm Grace, a second year Computer Science major. I play piano when I'm alone and percussion in groups. I'm in the Huskies Pep Band and Superior Wind Symphony. In my free time I like to read, sew, and bake.
Mieka Clark
President / Co-Rushing Chair
Hello! I joined in Fall 2019 with the Psunny Psi Up class, and am a Materials Science and Engineering student. While flute is my main instrument, I also enjoy learning to play guitar, with a focus especially on bass. Doing puzzles, hiking through the Keweenaw, and kite-flying are some of my hobbies, along with learning about science and space.
Lauryn Elsholz
Member Educator
Hello, my name is Lauryn and I am a second year chemical engineering student. I joined Psi in spring 2020, and am currently the Member Educator. I am also a member of the Huskies Pep Band, and a past member of concert band.
Kenzie Fox
Vice President
Hey! I'm Kenzie and I'm a second year biochemistry major here at Tech, and I joined in the Spring of 2020. I love music and play cello, guitar, and like 6 notes of some other random instruments. Besides that, I spend most of my time playing video games, reading, and cooking.
Laney Fritz
Historian / Social Chair
My name is Laney Fritz, and I’m a first (soon to be second) year biomedical engineering major. Some of my hobbies include playing music, playing video games, and exploring the Keweenaw! I play guitar, saxophone, ukulele, and piano, as well as a few others.
Zach Gillish
Assistant Member Educator
Heyo! My name is Zach, and I am a second-year mechanical engineering technology major from Kalamazoo. I love to sing in the chamber choir and also play a little acoustic guitar. Some things I like to do are draw, play video games, and spend time with people. I can usually find the brighter side of life and try to find a smile wherever I go!
Kate Kasten
Hi! I am Kate Kasten and I am studying Ecology and Evolutionary Biology with a minor in Fish biology. I am a very outdoorsy and love being out by the water. I play French horn in the Superior Wind Symphony as well as am a conductor for the Husky's Pep Band. My life just revolves around music and nature.
Amelia Kramer
Howdy! I’m Amelia, a second year chemical engineering major at Michigan Tech. I’m in the chamber choir and book club here, as well as the current treasurer for Zeta. I love it up here in the Upper Peninsula and like to take walks and see the chipmunks and snow while listening to some funky tunes!
Emma Nanninga
Hi! I’m a fourth year Computer Engineering major from Florence, Wisconsin. I joined in the Spring of 2018 in “The wrong Psi of the Road”. I play the flute in the Pep Band, but I can play most other instruments. I’ve played the flute for 12 years now. I enjoy playing games and hanging with brothers.
Marissa Overweg

I'm Marissa, and I am a fifth-year computer science major. I don't actively play any instruments, but I played viola for 8 years. If you see me , I'm probably running around setting up computers for IT. If I'm not wearing my badge, feel free to say hi! I'm very friendly and love music, video games, and meeting new people.

Addymae Palecek
Hello! My name is Addymae Palecek and I am a first year Chemical Engineering major from Wausau, Wisconsin. I am apart of the Huskies Pep Band where I play mellophone, but I most enjoy playing french horn, trumpet, or ukulele outside of the pep band. I also enjoy exploring the outdoors, discovering new music, petting cats, and making art with a variety of different materials and techniques.
Chaz Ringey
Hello, I'm Chaz Ringey. I'm a 3rd year biomedical engineering student. I enjoy playing tabletop and video games, and I play harmonica and trombone. I've also recently started to learn how to play guitar.
Laurel Schmidt
Hi! My name is Laurel and I am a 2nd at MTU getting a duel degree in Mechanical Engineering and Theatre and Entertainment Technology. I joined Mu Beta Psi in Spring 2021. I play piccolo and flute and am in the Huskies Pep Band. In my free time, I love to go hiking, read, crochet, and spend time with brothers.
Erik Stalsberg Barnett
Hi! I'm Erik. I'm a 5th year Computer Networking / Cybersecurity major at Michigan Tech. I joined Psi in Fall 2017 with Zeta Chapter and have recently returned to active status after two years of inactivity! My hobbies include playing guitar/bass guitar, video games such as War Thunder, GTA Online, and Rainbow Six Siege, and exploring the outdoors through camping and hiking. I still have at least two years at Tech after having switched majors two years in, but I enjoy the campus atmosphere. A fun fact about me is that I have 18 stringed instruments in the UP with me. If you're in the area, feel free to say hi!
Kyle Usimaki
NITC / Co-Rushing Chair
Hello! I'm Kyle and I'm a second-year biochemistry major. I joined in the Fall of 2019. Music is one of my biggest passions and I play saxophone, trumpet, and a little bit of guitar and piano. I'm also in the Superior Wind Symphony here at tech. Other than music, I enjoy playing video games, reading, being out in nature, and hanging out with friends and Brothers.
Blaine Wheaton
Hellos! I’m an Engineering Management major from the little town of Eaton Rapids. I joined up with Dark Pside in the spring of 2021, tail end of COVID(fingers crossed). I sing, play piano, have a trumpet that I can theoretically use, and have a long-standing love of handbells. I love card games, board games, and table top games. Please, play them with me. Please.
Hope Winters
Hello! I’m a second year Electrical Engineering student from Lowell, MI. I play bass in the Keweenaw Symphony Orchestra. In my free time, I love watching movies, hanging out with friends/family, and watching the squirrels run around campus!