Plotting a Course for the World of Tomorrow

by Nick Rosencrans

Sure, it's easy enough to say that college is about what happens when college is over. Sure, you have fun here and there, and you get to meet people that will be part of your entire life, but we're all here to get an education and make it out into the "real world." Right?

Only partly.

Being in college sets each of us up for what kind of person we become in the years to come. You get to choose how involved you want to be, how much fun you want life to be, and ultimately how much it all means to you. Thats why being part of the greek system is such a powerful option. By joining a fraternity or sorority, you can make the decision to make it all mean something. You can join a social fraternity, an honors fraternity, or a service fraternity; there are lots of choices in the grey areas in between as well. My group is one of those that blurs the line.

I am part of an Honorary Musical fraternity. We exist on campus to try to give back to Michigan Tech all the good we have gotten by being here. We spend time making campus better by offering scholarships to students who have shown a commitment to music. We get involved with some of the Fine Arts groups at Tech, such as the Orchestras or Choirs. We even get active in some of the lesser-known areas, like Swing dancing. And there's always Winter Carnival, or course.

So if you've ever thought about trying to make a difference, maybe "going greek" is an option for you. One thing's for sure, it's one heck of a trip.


Time for a new school year! We have lots of awesome rushes planned for the year; Check them out! - on September 8, 2014