Privacy Policies

Mu Beta Psi is firmly committed to protecting the privacy of our members and visitors. We have therefore established this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use document. If you have any questions or concerns about how your personal information will be used, please contact us.

Information we collect

Mu Beta Psi collects two types of information from users of this website: Personally identifying information, and passive browsing information. Personally Identifying Information is collected from individuals desiring to use services, such as the Mu Beta Psi Brothers’ Intranet. Information requested may include name, address(es), phone number(s), email address(es), instant messanging (IM) handle(s), etc.

Passive Browsing Information refers to information collected about your connection to the website. This may include your IP address, day and time, pages accessed, etc. This information is collected for security purposes, and as an aid in determining web site content.

How we use this information

We use personally identifying information to provide services that you have requested, such as message board hosting, or to notify of you of information relative to your account, such as site maintenance, over-quota notification, etc. This information will never be sold or released to a third party, except as expressly permitted by you, or as required by law.

We may use your information to contact you about your experiences with Mu Beta Psi and/or our website. By providing your contact information to us, you agree to be contacted by us for these purposes.

The Clef, or similar service. We will NOT automatically subscribe you to any of these services. Fact is, we hate spam as much as you do.

Passive Browsing Information is stored on the user’s machine in the form of a cookie, and is not retained by Mu Beta Psi. We use both session cookies, which are deleted upon closing the browser session, and persistent cookies, which help identify content that has changed since your last visit.

Accessing your information

We will always allow you to view and update your information via the User Profile feature of the Brothers’ Intranet. If you experience any problems updating your information, please contact us via email and we will try to assist.

Changes to this policy

Mu Beta Psi reserves the right to change this policy at any time. However, we will make every effort to notify you of changes that affect you.