Local Brothers

Aaron Christianson
I am a 4th year Theatre & Entertainment Technology Major at Tech. I perform with the Superior Wind Symphony, Keweenaw Symphony Orchestra, Jazz Lab Band, and am a Student Conductor of the Huskies Pep Band. I was a member of the Raiders Drum & Bugle Corps for 4 years, and am currently an Audio Staff member of the Bluecoats Drum & Bugle Corps. Music is what gets me up everyday and makes the dark days that much brighter!!
Ari Dubrinsky
Secretary & Rushing Co-Chair
My name is Ari. I'm a third-year Computer Engineering major. I am currently the Secretary for Zeta Chapter, and I am also the resident 'pun-master'. I play viola in the KSO and electric viola in the Huskies Pep Band. In my spare time, I love listening to music, playing video games, and spending time with my friends and Brothers!
Alex Pippenger

Hi, I'm a third year Psychology student at Michigan Tech. Im a classically trained concert pianist and can also play the cello. I love cheese more than I love being able to breathe air. I have a cat who is a little demon, and I'm not good at making pancakes.

Bradley Kimball
I'm Bradley Kimball, a 4th year Chemical Engineering student at Tech. I am currently a member of the Superior Wind Symphony and a conductor in the Huskies Pep Band.
Christian Pirie
Scholarship Chair
Hello! My name is Christian Pirie, I pledged Mu Beta Psi, Zeta Chapter in the Spring of 2016. I love walking around Houghton and visiting new places. It's always nice to spend time playing a board game or video game when possible!
Connor Bloomfield
Hello, my name is Connor Bloomfield, a second year Sound Design major. At Tech, I have played Trombone and Soprano Trombone in the Pep Band, but also play guitar, bass guitar, contra-alto clarinet, and other low brass instruments. In my spare time, I enjoy playing said instruments, as well as listening to music, playing video games, hanging with brothers, and doing other random things. I also have some other impressive skills such as holding my breath for more than 30 seconds at a time, and being surprisingly bad at athletics.
Elise Brehob
Rushing Co-Chair
I am a third-year student studying psychology with career goals in god knows what. I play marimba and drum set and am a fan of trees, prog metal, swing dancing, and existential crises. I also have two little fluffball chinchillas.
Emma Nanninga
Hi! I’m a second year Computer Engineering major from Florence, Wisconsin. I pledged in Spring of 2018 in “The wrong Psi of the Road”. I play the flute and piccolo in the Pep Band, but I can play most other instruments. I’ve played the flute for 10 years now. I enjoy playing games and hanging with brothers.
Erik Stalsberg Barnett
Assistant Pledgemaster
Hello! My name is Erik Stalsberg Barnett! I pledged MBΨ in Fall 2017 with Zeta chapter. I'm an odd ball in the fraternity because I don't play in any ensembles, but I'm a member of two rock bands as a guitarist. I play many instruments, mostly strings but also some low brass (Go Tuba!). I love being a brother and look forward to meeting many of you all in the future.
Evan Overweg

I'm Evan, and I am a third-year computer science major. I don't actively play any instruments, but I played viola for 8 years. If you see me outside of Fisher Hall, I'm probably running around setting up computers for IT. If I'm not wearing my badge, feel free to say hi! I'm very friendly and love music, video games, and meeting new people.

Glory Creed
Pledgemaster and Music Chair

Glory is a 4th-year Psychology major at Tech. She has a demon labrador retriever puppy named Ripley that will probably eat your face off if you let your guard down. She enjoys hiking around the Keweenaw, taking pictures of the northern lights, and falling into snow banks in the winter.

Jenna Gillman
I've been at Tech for far too long! I spend most of my time hiding from other EETs and taking care of my four guinea pigs and cockatiel with my spouse, Pat. I still play Pokemon Go for some reason?
Joseph Styers
My name is Joseph Styers. I'm studying Sound Design at Michigan Tech and I love music. I play piano and saxophone and i love playing jazz. Here are some other hobbies I enjoy: exploring the Keweenaw, tossing around the frisbee/disc, sometimes skiing and watching movies.
Kaitlyn Sterling
Hi, I'm Kaitlyn Sterling and I pledged Fall 2014 in All About That Bass. I'm a 5th-year Environmental Engineering major and will be graduating December 2018. I'm a musician and a martial artist, so when I have the free time I'm either playing my trumpet in the Huskies Pep Band or practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at the local gym!
Kate Kasten
I'm Kate Kasten, from Metamora, Ilinois. I'm a second year Biology and Ecology student. I love to travel and sometimes I can be funny.
Lauren Bushong
I am a 5th year Materials Science and Engineering Major from Gaylord, MI and I pledged MBΨ in the Fall of 2014. I love Michigan Tech and the close friendships I have made over the years with my Brothers. In my free time I help out in the MTU foundry and love to try new food.
Lyzia Laakso
My name is Lyzia Laakso and I am a Biological Sciences: Ecology major. You can find me enjoying music or hanging posters while on campus (discluding classes obv). To tell you the truth I'm kinda shy but if you come up and start a conversation I will gladly talk if I'm not busy.
Philip Spillman
I'm a 5th year Mechanical Engineer from the middle of nowhere Illinois. I'm involved in the Pep Band on campus and enjoy having fun. I play lots of board, video, and card games in my free time. My two passions are eating and sleeping in no particular order, and my celebrity crush is Brendon Urie. Cheers!
Rachel Strobel
Treasurer & Community Service Co-Chair
Hello! I'm Rachel Strobel and I'm a fourth year studying chemical engineering. I pledged in Fall 2015. I play the clarinet in the Pep Band, where I am also the clarinet section leader, and I play the contra-alto clarinet in the Superior Wind Symphony. In addition to my involvement in music groups, I am a member of CPM Enterprise, where I work on improving the design of hockey sticks.
Rachel Duffy
Alumni Relations Co-Chair
Hi! I'm a 4th year Civil Engineering major originally from Minneapolis, MN. I'm a proud member of the Huskies pep band, where I play my flute and get in glittery trouble with my section. I love the great outdoors, dogs, playing video games, and sleeping. I'm always looking for new music to listen to, so if you see me on campus don't be afraid to hit me up!
Richy Carpenter
Hello World! I'm a 5th year software engineer here at Michigan Tech. I play the bass clarinet and bass drum in a few ensembles when I have time. I enjoy watching anime, playing a few games like Pokemon Go, and just hanging with my Brothers!
Ryan McCoy
Hello, I am Ryan McCoy, a 4th year Computer Engineering Major. I pledged Mu Beta Psi in Spring 2018. I am currently serving as a co-chair for the philanthropy committee. I have played the tuba for 10 years now and have been playing in the Superior Wind Symphony for the last two, and the Michigan Tech Pep Band for the last four.
Ryan Ralph
Community Service Co-Chair
Hello! I'm a fourth year chemical engineering major from Bay City, Michigan. I pledged Mu Beta Psi in Spring 2016 and I am currently serving as community service co-chair. I also coach first and second year chemistry in the Chemistry learning center, and have been playing trombone in the Superior Wind Symphony and MTU Jazz Lab Band for three years.
Samantha Verran
Samantha is a 4th year Psychology major and she will be graduating in December of 2018. She has been involved with Mu Beta Psi as the Philanthropy, Social, and Rules chair. She has also served on other committees on the local and national level. After college she looks forward to attending Medical School and continuing to serve the communities around her.
Trevyn Payne
Vice President
Hi my name is Trevyn Payne. I'm a chemical engineering major and I'll be graduating in spring '19. I'm Zeta Chapters Vice president and I like long walks in air conditioned spaces.